Urban planning

All materials for finishings, pedestrian and carriageable urban areas, public works and outdoor furnishing (public monuments, fountains, statues, sculptures, high reliefs and bas-reliefs) 


Processed materials for building and architecture

Floorings, boiseries, internal and external coating, architectural elements ( frames, windows, doorsteps, sills, shelters, portals, stairs, pillars, banisters, sculptures, bas-reliefs, swimming pool covering, inlaid decorative items


Furnishing accessories

Inlaid tables, hobs, bathroom tops, basins and tubs cut from solid, fireplaces of any kind, lamps and more are created with modern equipment.


Art and design manufacts


Our business objective is to understand the evolution of markets and new trends, offering custom solutions applying to architecture and interior design.


Raw material / semi-manufactures


Wide range of blocks and plates in store.


Restoration of historic and monumental buildings

Structural and decorative architectural elements, true to original material and style, blending with those existing, within the law (Legge della Sovraintendenza alle “Belle Arti”.)


Latest Updates

  •  Updated Gallery "Inlaid Tables" (23/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Fireplaces" (20/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Floors" (18/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Bathrooms" (18/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Coatings" (16/06/14)


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