Giuseppe Dell'Erba Snc
- A firm as solid as marble

About Us

Giuseppe Dell’Erba Snc is a leading firm in marketing and manufacture of marble, granite, stone, onyx and many more natural resources, coming both from our caves and from around the world.

Over forty years’ experience allowed us to become one of the most specialized firms in stone craftsmanship and artistic workmanship, applied to the fields of building, architecture and interior design.

Design, counseling, installation and assistance complete our profile.

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At GIUSEPPE DELL’ERBA you will find manufacturing laboratories that provide all basic processing, from cutting of blocks of marble in 2 or 3 cm plates, or personalized to your request, to common trimmings, glossy finish, brushed finish as well as other personalized finishes.

Latest Updates

  •  Updated Gallery "Inlaid Tables" (23/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Fireplaces" (20/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Floors" (18/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Bathrooms" (18/06/14)

  • Updated Gallery "Coatings" (16/06/14)


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